The FlySpoke Pro Series is created from high modulus and very light weight carbon.  We take these made in the USA blanks and combine them with components of the finest caliber.  From cork to seat and guides you will receive very fine quality in a fast action rod at what seems to be the price of better off shore products.   These rods are finished with composite and burl cork that can be given three coats of epoxy for a beautiful appearance.  Each rod comes complete with high quality aluminum tube and cloth sock.  Please contact me at or call 603-501-9511

Line weights that match specific angling conditions can vary greatly. Some situations require short casts and some very long. Into a constant head wind on a salt flat can cause great differences in the perfect weight line for that moment. This chart is meant as a guide for my switch and two hand rods. The single had rod selection can be used as the weights given for that blank. Even with modern single hand lines there are some that are made for Spey style change of direction casting. This is one of the most confusing aspects of the line industry today. If I can be of any assistance in your understanding of line weights and their use please contact me at